Future medium of exchange

UFUN UTOKENS currency is focused to be the future medium of exchange, leveraging on the power of the Internet. With UTOKEN growth potential, you are able to buy and sell goods and services digitally online, from anywhere.

Tradable and Transferable

UFUN UTOKENS have tradable and transferable value that can be used for trading, exchange, and transferring purpose which aims to be a limitless medium of exchange for flexibility and liquidity.

Investment Growth

Every new member who joins the UFUN group as a UTOKEN member enjoys investment growth opportunities through the increasing demand of the Utoken community.

Welcome to UFUN Australia

UFUN UToken – Brief History

UFUN UTokens first opened for trading on Jan 14, 2014 at a value of US$0.10. After peaking at US$0.469 on March 27, the company announced a 2:1 split.

From there, the UToken value moved up gradually before surging to a record high of US$1.093 on Oct 24. UFUN declared a new 10:1 split, and the price was subsequently readjusted to US$0.10 when trading resumed on Oct 28, 2014.

Forward Splitting is an investment strategy designed to keep the unit price low to attract more buying interest from retail investors, and to keep the currency at a realistic value.

For example, if you owned 1000 tokens @ UD$1.00 before the split, you would have 10,000 tokens @ US$0.10 after the 10:1 split. While splitting doesn’t increase market capitalization, it certainly helps to create a buying frenzy!

As you can see, after each split, and without fail the unit value of the UToken continues to rise consistently.

As an example, if you had invested just US$1000 on Jan 14 last year and kept it till today (Feb 28), your value would have increased by a whopping 2,973% to US$29,730!

No other investments can give you that kind of returns.

Sounds incredible right? But… is UToken safe?

To answer your question, let’s go behind the scene…

The UFUN Group

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The Group Behind UToken

UToken is the brainchild of the UFUN GROUP.

With its Head Office in Bangkok, Thailand, the group has diversified interest in areas such as Property Development and Management, Mining, IPTV, and E-Commerce.

This elegant building is owned by UFUN, and is used for Administration, Seminars, and Training Sessions.

Thousands of new UFUN members attend the Seminars and Training on a weekly basis.

UFUN Mining

Without a doubt, UFUN GROUP’s “jewel in the crown” is their RMB135 Billion (US$22 Billion) white marble mining project in Sichuan, China, operated by their subsidiary, Han Bai Yu Marble Mining Corporation.

Marble is a non-foliated metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. Marble is commonly used for sculpture and as a building material. In China alone, at least 20% of the building materials used is marble.

As marble is in high demand consistently, this project is expected to generate a nett annual revenue of US$100 Million.

UFUN Property

11th November 2013

UFUN Group entered into a joint venture with Malaysian Property Developer – Bina Puri Berhad, to develop the US$65 Million Bangkok Marina Resort & Spa.

Located approximately 37km (25 minutes) from Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok International Airport. The Bangkok Marina Resort & Spa aims to be a World Class Resort consisting of Water Chalets, Condominiums, Commercial Outlets, Bangkok’s Largest Yacht Club, Gymnasiums, Spas, Water Theme Park and much more.

UFUN E-Commerce

UBarterTrade is the group’s revolutionary online trading platform where members can purchase products and services by using UTokens.

The first physical UBT Mall complex was opened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

UFUN’s ultimate objective is to establish offices in Major Cities around the World. Currently, it has offices in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Singapore, Phnom Penh and Accra.

Plans are underway to set up offices in Korea, UAE, USA, Canada, UK, Africa and Australia later this year.

UFUN GROUP is truly a multinational conglomerate with vast interest in major industries.


Unispace is the company’s IPTV division, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan.

An IPTV system delivers content and programming through a broadband connection rather than through the conventional cable and broadcast formats.

It also allows for your TV to communicate with other internet applications such as Twitter, Facebook, and a general Web Browser. Both live TV and Video on Demand services are delivered with the IPTV service.

One of the company’s best-selling products is their Uway TV Box. When connected to your TV, it allows you to watch over 200 channels and 200,000 movies without paying any monthly subscription fee.

Unispace’s foray into telco service continues with the introduction of their Mobile Traveller SIM card called U365M in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Nearly 50 media companies were there to witness this historic launching of U365M.

Unispace has also been invited to showcase their U365M SIM card at ITB BERLIN, the largest travel fair in the world. U365M is the only SIM Card that accepts top-up by using UTokens. It’s a major convenience for UFUN’s 300,000 plus investors in 81 countries.

UFUN Future IPO’s

UFUN has lined up four of its subsidiary companies for IPO (Initial Public Offer), and they will be executed one after another.

The first IPO, for its US$22 billion white marble mining project, is expected to be in October 2015. News from the grapevine is that the UFUN GROUP has engaged the advisors of Alibaba to assist them.

Pre-IPO shares will be made available to all investors, associates and employees of UFUN before the company goes listed. It is said that investors will be able to use their UTokens to purchase the pre-IPO shares. Massive gains are expected after the company goes public.

As an example, many employees of Alibaba who purchased pre-IPO shares of the company became instant millionaires after the company went public!

UToken price is expected to rise sharply ahead of the IPO. If you invest in UTokens early when the price is low, you will make more substantial pro-IPO profits.

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